Nichole Unwrapped

I live in sunny Florida with my husband, son, two dogs and bearded dragon.  Yep, I said bearded dragon.  Mr. Dragon (who turned out to be a Mrs. Dragon by the way) was supposed to be for my son, but somehow I inherited her.  I have a very strange addiction to beef jerky, and for some reason when I write I tended to do it better with Investigation Discovery playing in the background.

Nothing like a little murder to bring out the love in a scene

I decided to start writing for a very simple reason.  It was because I didn’t get the ending I wanted in a book I was reading.  I was very upset about it.  I thought about the ending to that book for days after I finished it, and with every day that passed the more irritated I got.  Finally, I said to myself (I talk to myself quite a bit out loud) I could write a better ending than that.  Which I can’t say that it was any better of an ending than the one that was published in a book, but before I knew it I had written something completely different from what I meant to.

Of course, that book will never see the light of day because it is rather terrible.  It currently resides in the bottom of my closet where it will stay for all of eternity.


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