Cover Reveal, Release Date and Catching Up

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It’s been forever! I can’t believe that I’ve been away from you wonderful people for so long. I promise to keep in contact better. There has been so many things happening with my life that I’ve been dizzy with it all. I’m almost at the home stretch with all the changes, so I’m praying everything will settle down.

Here’s the cover for Payton Ross’ book which is the second in my Harmony Heat series. This book was a blast to write. Payton’s twin heroes are hilarious and rambunctious. I don’t know how it took me so long to get this one down on paper and submitted to my amazing publisher. Oh that’s right, my life decided to make every major change it possibly could all at the same time!

I’ve been given a release date. Wanna know what it is? Are you sure? I suppose I’ll tell ya. August 2nd is the release of this here beauty. I’m so excited for y’all to get to know Payton and her men. I think y’all will have a blast visiting Harmony again, which means you’ll get to see all the characters everyone loved so much. You’ll get a little more of a taste of what’s going on between Jules and her hunky yet reluctant Sheriff Lawson. I’ve also thrown in a few new characters that I think you’ll love.

I’ll be back here in a few days to let everyone know about a Facebook Release party I’m having. I’m in the planning stages now, but I can’t wait to spend some time with everyone one. I’ve missed y’all so much! I’m hoping to have a few special guest at the FB party along with a bunch of giveaways. I’ve placed the order for my swag. It should be here in time. I’ll also be giving a way a few copies of Payton’s book. Y’all will have to stop by.

I guess I’ll talk to y’all in a few days. Don’t forget to stop by my Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest so that we can really get to know each other. I swear I’m not as crazy as I seem…or am I?

XOXO Nichole


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