The Trouble With Payton

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Payton Ross

This is my inspiration for Payton Ross.  When I saw this picture I was struck by her beauty.

For the passed few months I’ve been working on the second book in my Harmony Heat series. This will be Payton Ross’ book with a working title of Payton’s Twin Trouble.  At this point the title is fitting, because this book is giving me nothing but trouble. It doesn’t seem to want to come together. However, I will be the victor and I have every intention to be submitting this book to my publisher at the end of August.

Payton Ross has had an obsession with a couple of Harmony’s finest bachelors since moving to town.  Just because Logan and Jordan West have been staring in all of her late night fantasies doesn’t mean that she’s willing to give into her attraction.  Her past has taught her there is only one person that would ever be open and honest with her, only one person that would never hurt her and she could completely and totally trust.  Herself.

That doesn’t mean the West twins who consider themselves Payton’s men and know that Payton belongs to them will be dismayed.  It will take a bit of work on their part to make Payton realize that she belongs to them, but they are wiling to give it everything they got.

I have a feeling this book is going to be one big roller coaster ride to write. I think it’s going to be the same when reading it as well.  It’s already gotten my heart beating faster a time or two.  I’ll give three guesses as to why and the first two don’t count!

xoxo Nichole


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