Distracted By Shiny Things

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I have decided that I am not a focused person. Every time I sit down to write lately everything seems to distract me. Whatever is on TV, the sounds of frogs outside of my window, how cold it is in my office. I swear it’s getting ridiculous. I was thinking the other day that I had hoped that after getting my first book finished and published that I would be able to work with more focus on the following books in the series. Of course, that is not what is happening.

I can hear the characters just fine, and I know what is supposed to be happening in the story. Am I writing? No! instead I’m too busy wondering how many push ups Scott Eastwood can do (I seem to have an obsession with him lately. I don’t think Clint Eastwood ever looked that good. I don’t know? Maybe I should go and watch some of Clint’s earlier movies.) See what I mean? My mind is going in twenty-five different directions.

Sooner rather than later (hopefully) I will eventually get doing what I should be doing. I know one thing though. If I delete and rewrite or copy and paste anymore my current WIP is going to look like a patchwork quilt (not that I have a problem with patchwork quilt. My husband and I were given one as a wedding present and it’s wonderful during the summer months when it’s hot outside. Of course, I’m always cold and usually have our heavier comforter on the bed much to my husband’s dismay. He’s like a personal furnace and always so hot.)

There I go again. I can’t seem to stay on topic long enough to write this blog. With that in mind I’m going to take my leave. I think I just might go and paint my nails…I mean work on my word count!

xoxo Nichole


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